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Open Calls for tender from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) concerning water resources


A special objective of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) 2009-2014, is to ensure a good environmental status of marine and inland waters in the EU (Programme Area “Integrated Marine & Inland Water Management”).

The Programme will fulfill the above objective by implementing projects promoting: integrated marine and inland water resources’ management with emphasis on coastal areas and islands, drinking water supply in islands, drinking water saving and quality improvement, improved monitoring of marine waters, environmental rehabilitation and protection at local level, environmental education programmes and scholarships in the field of marine and inland water resources management.

Special Agency for Coordination of Envirnmental Projects (SACEP) as a Programme Operator, invites the bodies within the category of Potential Project Promoters having the right to participate, for project proposals’ submission to the following Open Calls, in order to be included and funded under the Area “Integrated Marine & Inland Water Management” of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the period 2009-2014:

  • Open Call GR02.01 - Water quality improved for drinking or irrigation purposes in islands

  • Open Call GR02.02 - Increased knowledge and awareness of the Protection and management of water bodies suffering from environmental problems of biodiversity loss

  • Open Call GR02.03 - Increased knowledge concerning the integrated marine and islands policy or the protection / management of coastal areas


See all the details concerning the above calls here.


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Coordination Authority of Environmental Actions

Last modification date: 5/12/2014