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Registration to the NSRF portal offers all users (individuals, companies or public organizations) a series of tools that ensure their direct and reliable information to all new calls for proposals or expected funding opportunities. All registered users have acces to the following services:

(1) E-mail alert for new or updated calls for proposals

  • The registered user can be informed via e-mail when certain calls (based on criteria he can set in his profile page) are added or updated in the system. The user can compose his own set of calls he is interested in on the basis of:
    • who does the call primarily concern
    • type of aid
    • geographical area
    • area of interest
    • the operational program it is part of

(2) My calls for proposals

  • The registered user can add programs that he is interested, in his own personal workspace for easier and faster access.

(3) Contact

  • The registered user can receive via e-mail the newsletters send regularly by the NSRF site. This service is temporarily available only in Greek.
  • He can also participate in polls and surveys by name.

Last modification date: 22/03/2010