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 Combating Fraud in Structural Actions 

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Fraud prevention and mitigation, in general, as well as in the specific context of structural actions, is considered as a crucial issue for the General Secretariat for Public Investment & NSRF of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.

The issue has been included in the provisions of the EU General Regulation 1303/2013 for the new programming period 2014-2020. Article 72 “General Principles of Management and Control Systems” includes a provision for the prevention, detection and correction of irregularities, including fraud. Additionally, in accordance with Article 125 “Functions of the Managing Authority”, the Managing Authorities should put in place effective and proportionate anti-fraud measures, taking into account the risks identified.

In this framework, the General Secretariat for Public Investment & NSRF has drawn up a “National Anti-fraud Strategy for Structural Actions”, which has been submitted to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

This National Strategy is based on three pillars: Prevention - Detection - Response and has the following objectives:

  • to promote and establish an ethical, anti-fraud culture
  • to promote an effective cooperation among national competent authorities
  • to promote an effective cooperation with external actors
  • to enhance transparency
  • to enhance the Management and Control System of Structural Actions of the programming period of 2014-2020.

The Strategy includes a multi-annual Action Plan which translates the objectives into operational activities.

In the framework of this Action Plan, the General Secretariat for Public Investment & NSRF has drawn up a “Policy Statement against Fraud in Structural Actions” which emphasizes its zero tolerance to fraud and sets the basis for actions to be implemented.

Additionally, an electronic brochure was developed. This brochure “Fraud Prevention in Structural Actions”, as a communication tool, will help to raise awareness among the staff of the Special Services and Beneficiaries of the NSRF, and to widely spread the message against fraud.

For further information on anti-fraud issues, please see the Relative files.


Relative files

 ΕΕ anti-fraud strategy - June 2011 (greek-english) (ZIP - 376 Kb)

 Material on anti-fraud - Brussels Conference Dec 2013 (ZIP - 14,9 Mb)

 OLAF Seminar - Trainers material Feb 2014 (ZIP - 10,07 Mb)

Guidelines on fraud risk assessment June 2014 (ZIP - 488 Kb)

Anti-fraud coordinator - AFCOS (greek-english) (ZIP - 1,8 Mb)

Compendium structural actions - OLAF (greek-english) (ZIP - 981 Kb)

Guide for fraud indicators - COCOF (greek-english) (ZIP - 355 Kb)

Guide on conflict of interests - OLAF (greek-english) (ZIP - 563 Kb)

Guide on forged documents - OLAF (greek-english) (ZIP - 4,7 Mb)


Last modification date: 04/11/2014