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 Annual Reports on Implementation 

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As part of the monitoring of the Operational Programme, the Managing Authority draws up an annual report on implementation of the programme that is submitted to the Commission, after its approval by the monitoring committee (article 67 par. 1 of Reg. (EC) 1083/2006). The report contains all the information specified in paragraph 2 of that article and is compiled in accordance with the requirements of Reg. 1828/2006 and the instructions of the national coordination authority.
In relation to the instructions given in Circular 23388/1332 23-05-2008 of the Special Service for Strategic Planning and Evaluation of Development Programmes on the Annual Report on Implementation for Programmes for the period 2007-2013, links are given below for the main reference documents necessary for the analysis, in the Annual Reports, of the contribution of the Operational Programmes to the National Reform Programme and the Lisbon Strategy.

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Last modification date: 09/03/2010