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 Certification of Beneficiaries’ Project Management Capacity 

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Law 3614/03.12.2007 provides for the design of a Greek Standard of the administration and management system of ESPA projects, taking account of the particularities of the projects co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF). According to said Standard, the project management capacity of beneficiaries, with the exception of beneficiaries receiving state aid according to Articles 87 and 88 of the Treaty and with the exception of the Funds of Article 24 of Law 3614/07, must be certified. A relevant collaborative process is underway for the creation of this Standard, implicating the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Hellenic Organisation for Standardisation (ELOT). The implementation of the Standard is anticipated to commence following 1 January 2009.

Until the approval and launch of application of the Standard (transitional period), the management capacity of beneficiaries will be certified by competent Special Services. For that purpose, the candidate beneficiaries must furnish proof of the application of a documented procedure system pertaining to the planning and maturity of operations– actions, tendering and awarding of contracts, monitoring and certification of the physical object and financial management process.

Last modification date: 22/03/2010