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 Fisheries Development 

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The National Strategic Plan for Fisheries Development (NSPFD) for 2007-2013 period covers our country’s fishery sector, has been drafted according to the provisions of Article 15 of the Regulation No. 1198/2006 regarding the European Fisheries Fund (EFF), summarily describes all aspects of the common fishing policy and determines priorities, objectives and the required public resources and deadlines for their application, principally in relation to:

  • Sustainable development of fishing activities.
  • Sustainable development of the aquaculture sector.
  • Sustainable development of the processing and trade of fishery products sector.
  • Sustainable development of inland waters fishery.
  • Sustainable development of fishing areas.
  • Improvement of competitiveness in the fishery sector.
  • Maintaining human resources in the fishery sector and ensuring viable employment.
  • Protection and improvement of the marine environment related to the fishing sector.
  • Observing the inspection and control requirements of fishing activities and the collection of data and information regarding common fishery policy.
  • Development of fishery activities beyond Community waters.

The National Strategic Plan for Fisheries Development (NSPFD) for period 2007-2013 has been drafted in accordance with Article 8 of the Regulation regarding EFF, in the context of the “partnership” and in close collaboration with our “partners,” namely:

  • the competent regional, local and other Public Authorities,
  • the collective bodies in the fishery sector,
  • the economic and social partners,
  • the other partners.


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Last modification date: 02/06/2010