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 European Territorial Cooperation Programmes 

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During the new programming period, the Community Initiative Programmes are replaced by the Programmes of Goal III "European Territorial Cooperation".

The total budget of Goal III programmes amounts to EUR 8.7 billion, of which EUR 210 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) have been earmarked for Greece. Thus, also including national resources, nearly EUR 300 million of Community and national resources will be allocated to European Territorial Cooperation Programmes.

To date, 3 of the 6 programmes managed by Greece (Greece–Cyprus, Greece–Bulgaria and Greece–Italy) as well as 7 of the 9 in which it is participating have gained approval. The final ratification of the Greece–Albania and Greece–FYROM programmes is expected within June.
In June, the Monitoring Committees will be set up, the members of which will jointly agree to the internal regulation and selection criteria for the inclusion of projects. At the same time, the sum of ministerial decisions by which the Common Technical Secretariats will be established is under preparation. The work of the latter will consist of improving the management, supervision and staffing of the Programmes.
Territorial Cooperation Programmes

Cross-border Programmes
In this framework and in regard to the Cross-border Cooperation Programmes, Greece participates in six Programmes, with a total budget that exceeds EUR 320,000,000, for which it retains the Managing Authority.
The Programmes are as follows:

  • “Greece-Bulgaria” Programme, with a budget of EUR 110,735,958
  • “Greece-Italy” Programme, with a budget of EUR 88,955,170
  • “Greece-Cyprus” Programme, with a budget of EUR 41,633,290
  • “Greece-Albania” Programme, co-funded by the Instrument for Pre Accession Assistance (IPA) with a budget of EUR 22,143,015
  • “Greece-FYROM” Programme, co-funded by IPA with a budget of EUR 24,810,005
  • “Greece-Turkey” Programme*, co-funded by IPA with a budget of EUR 34,088,992

Greece also participates in three (3) multilateral cross-border cooperation Programmes:

  • Adriatic Programme, with eligible territories being those of the Prefectures of Corfu and Thesprotia in Greece, as well as regions in Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Slovenia. The Programme is co-funded by IPA, while Greece contributes EUR 5,659,992. 
  • Mediterranean Sea Basin, with eligible territories being those of all countries located around the Mediterranean Sea. The total programme Budget exceeds EUR 170,000,000.
  • Black Sea, with the Regions of Central and Eastern Macedonia–Thrace in Greece, as well as regions in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, the Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Moldavia as eligible territories. The contribution of Greece amounts to EUR 1,132,000 and will have a reinforced role, as it has been decided that it will designate the First Consultant of the Managing Authority, which is being hosted in Romania.

Transnational Programmes
Greece participates in two transnational programmes. These are:

  • MEDA Programme, in which Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, United Kingdom–Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia–Herzegovina participate. The Programme resulted from the merger of the INTERREG ARCHIMED and MEDOCC Programmes. One of the Programme’s two Liaison Offices will be located in Thessalonica, which will be responsible, among others, for supporting candidate partners and Final Beneficiaries from among the candidate and potential candidate countries for accession to the European Union participating in the Programme. The Programme Budget amounts to EUR 193,191,331.
  • Southeast Europe Area, in which eight (8) E.U. Member States participate (Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece), as well as Moldavia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, FYROM and the Ukraine. The Programme resulted from the division of the CADSES programme into two different zones, north and south. Its budget amounts to EUR 206,691,645.

Interregional Programme
Greece participates in the INTERREG IV C interregional programme, in which all E.U. Member States –with the exception of Germany– participate, as well as Norway and Switzerland. Its Budget amounts to EUR 321,321,762.

Greece also participates in the INTERACT, ESPON and URBACT networks.

With open borders, Greece anticipates the development of its own border regions, an increase in entrepreneurship and the reinforcement of its infrastructure throughout its frontier and remote regions. The efforts of the Special Service have borne fruit, attracting the interest of neighbouring countries, as well as Brussels.

* The “Greece-Turkey” Programme has been suspended.

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Last modification date: 23/03/2010