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With the view to ensuring the effectiveness of the community and national resources contributing to the cohesion policy, evaluations shall be carried out before, during and after the implementation of the Operational Programmes. These evaluations, which may be of strategic or operational nature, take account of the objective of sustainable development and of the relevant Community legislation concerning environmental impact and strategic environmental assessment. Evaluations are carried out under the responsibility of the Member State or the Commission by experts or bodies functionally independent from the Certifying and the Audit Authorities designated in the framework of the Management and Control System of the programme. The results of the evaluations shall be published according to the applicable rules on access to documents.

The mission of the Operational Programme Monitoring Committee is to monitor the effectiveness and implementation quality of the Operational Programme.

In this context, Greece, having also utilised the guidelines of the European Commission on the evaluation of Operational Programmes (OP), has formulated an Indicative Evaluation Plan for period 2007-2013, which presents the planning of the evaluations at a strategic and operational level, in the context of the “Convergence” and “Regional Competitiveness and Employment” objectives.

The evaluations connected with the monitoring of the programme are conducted under the Managing Authority’s responsibility and in accordance with the general principles determined by the National Coordinating Authority for the evaluation of all OPs in the ESPA framework.

Irrespective of the evaluations recommended by the Plan, other evaluations may be carried out during the programme period, in cases it is deemed necessary.


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Last modification date: 21/05/2014