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 Ex Ante Evaluation 

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The aim of the ex ante evaluation of the NSRF is to “optimize the allocation of budgetary resources and improve the quality of programming” (Article 46, paragraph 2 of the General EU Regulation).

In particular, the ex ante evaluation assesses:

  • Mid and long-term needs
  • The objectives set
  • The expected outcomes
  • The quantified objectives
  • The consistency of the development strategy
  • The Community added value
  • The extent to which the NSRF respects Community Strategic Guidelines
  • The experiences and achievements of the previous programming period
  • The quality of procedures / systems for the implementation, monitoring, financial management and evaluation of the Program.

Against this background, the evaluator’s role is to provide the necessary input / recommendations at all stages of programming, to help departments in planning development policies and priorities and in decision-making. Therefore, the assessment is an interactive and iterative process whereby, in each stage of preparation of the NSRF, the evaluator answers the relevant questions on merit and provides the necessary analyses, aimed at improving the National Strategic Reference Framework.

Last modification date: 07/12/2009