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 On Going Evaluation 

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With the decision from the General Secretariat of Investment and Development a Special Technical Committee for Evaluations (under prot. No. 38654/EYSSAAP 2173/25/08/200/) was established in order to support the National Coordination Authority through advice and counselling, for the overall coordination, monitoring and support of the evaluation work ctivities.

The works of the Committee have to do with the:

  • The determination of priorities relating to the assessment and the implementation of the Project assessment and possible proposals for amendments
  • The formulation of guidelines for the collection and processing of information required in the submission of the strategic reports under Article 29 of Reg 1083/2006
  • The processing of uniform standards, to be included in the invitations for expressions of interest for the contracting of the work of Assessment Consultants of the operational programs and the NSRF
  • The processing of a formal project contract, with provision for individual adaptations per Program
  • The development of a system for the “quality control” of the whole process and the assessments
  • The examination of the procedures and content of the assessments
  • The review of the suitability of the quantified indicators in relation to assessment and the proposal of necessary adjustments
  • The overall monitoring of the work of the NSRF and OP Assessment Consultants
  • The examination of the adequacy and quality of the Assessment Reports (and drafts thereof) and the presentation of proposals for their improvement.

At the same time, in the framework of cooperation and the exchange of views on evaluation between the Heads and Executives of the Evaluation Units of all Managing Authorities of the NSRF and OPs, an assessment network has been established, at the initiative of Unit B of the Managing Authority of Strategic Planning and the Evaluation of Development Programs of the National Coordination Authority of the NSRF 2007 to 2013.

Last modification date: 07/12/2009