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 “Greece-FYROM” Programme 

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The eligible region of the programme constitutes of 5 regions of NUTS III on the Greek side (Florina, Pella, Kilkis, Thessaloniki* and Serres) and 3 on the side of FYROM (Pelagonia, Vardar and the entire south-western part* of the country)

The Strategic Objective of the programme is defined as being the:  

  • Enhancement of Convergence in the administrative regions of the programme with the promotion of sustainable local development.

with Specific objectives being the following: 

  • Support of the local financial activities and sustainable development of local human resources, according to the needs of the eligible cross-border region and
  • Promotion of environmental and cultural actions of the eligible cross-border region as an instrument for sustainable local development.

For the implementation of the Programme the following Priority Axes have been set:

  1. Enhancement of the cross-border financial development: Promotion of sustainable financial development through common interventions, and facilitation of cross-border relations.  It will be implemented through four measures focusing on the enhancement of human resources, promotion of entrepreneurship, development of tourism and protection of public health.
  2. Promotion and development of the environment, natural and cultural resources: Promotion of common cross-border actions for the protection of the environment and the improvement of natural and cultural heritage. 
  3. Technical Assistance: Support of the entire management and the smooth implementation of the Programme.

The programme is co-financed by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (ΙΡΑ) with 24.810.005 Euros.

*Thessaloniki and the south-western part of FYROM are eligible areas according to article 97 of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Application Regulation.

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Last modification date: 23/03/2010