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Greece participates in the European Network INTERACT 2007-13, in which all the state-members of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland participate.

The Strategic Objective of the programme is defined as follows : 

  • Promotion of the right government of community programmes financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which are embedded within the frame of the European territorial cooperation

The Secondary Objectives are the following:

  • Ensuring and increasing effectiveness and performance of the territorial cooperation programmes and works pertaining to specific geographical areas or thematic fields
  • Ensuring quality and acquisition of know-how from the cross-border, inter-state and inter-region cooperation. 

For the implementation of the Programme the following have been set as Priority Axes:

  1. Development and Provision of services:  Production, provision and distribution of services and products based on optimized practices, knowledge and experience of the bodies cooperating for the territorial cooperation. 
  2. Technical Assistance:  Support of the total management and the smooth implementation of the Programme.

The financing of the programme by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), stands approximately at 34 mil. Euros.

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Last modification date: 23/03/2010