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Greece participates in the inter-regional programme INTERREG IV C, in which all the state-members of the European Union participate (with the exception of Germany), Norway and Switzerland.

The Strategic Objective of the programme is defined as the: 

  • Improvement, of the effectiveness of the regional development policies in the fields of innovation, finance, knowledge based economy, environment and risk prevention, through the inter-state cooperation as well as
  • Economic modernization and increase of competitiveness in Europe.

Specific Thematic Objectives are the following:

  1. Improvement of regional and local policies in the field of innovation and knowledge based economy, putting emphasis on the regional perspective for research and technological development. Support of entrepreneurship of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, support of the development of companies and innovation initiatives, promotion of use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), support of employment, human capital and education.
  2. Improvement of regional and local policies in the field of environment and risk prevention. In particular, the actions of this specific objective pertain to the prevention and management of natural and technological risks, water and coast management, waste and biodiversity management, preservation of natural heritage, improvement of energy performance, use of renewable energy sources, management of clean and viable public transportation means and management of cultural heritage.

The specific Business Objectives are the following:

  1. Exchange of experiences and knowledge between the countries of the European Union.
  2. Improvement of capacities and knowledge of the regional and local bodies in the countries with the smallest experience in specific policy sectors.
  3. Transfer to regional best practice policies that have been identified within the frame of inter-regional cooperation. 

For the implementation of the Programme the following Priority Axes have been set:

  1. Innovation and knowledge based economy:  Improvement of regional and local policies, methods and capacities in the field of innovation and knowledge based economy. Exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience between the regions for the development of new political approaches.  Reduction of regional inequalities and increase of competitiveness of the regions.
  2. Protection of the environment and risk prevention:  Improvement of policy, methods and capacities of regions, local authorities and other bodies at a regional level, in the fields of environment and prevention of risks.  Enhancement of the protection of the environment and synergy of the frame of environmental support with the economy, so as the environmental expenses to contribute to economy, mainly by ensuring a long-term viability of economical development and reduction of environmental cost.  The provision of environmental services, such as the provision of clean water, waste management, waste treatment, management of natural resources and biodiversity, cultural heritage and landscapes, as well as the protection by certain environmental risks have high priority within this frame.
  3. Technical Assistance:  Support of the entire management and the smooth implementation of the Programme.

The Budget of the Programme stands at 321,321,762 Euros.

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Last modification date: 26/03/2010