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 National Development Planning 

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National Development Planning is the result of a demanding effort of synthesising proposals and bringing together divergent priorities, while covering a multifaceted approach that touches on the comprehensive developmental choices of the economy and society of the country, the directions of the European Union, financial circumstances and the objective capacities for the effective and efficient implementation of projects.

A very well attended public consultation session took place in the context of the preparatory procedures, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible participation and consent to the formulation of the strategic choices that would lead to the adoption of a long term developmental vision for the country.

The phrasing of the proposal of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) for period 2007-2013 and the coordination of the procedures fall within the competence of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. ESPA was formulated in cooperation with the competent Ministries, the Regional and Local Authorities, and in consultation with the European Commission, in the framework of a strengthened partnership, which was based on the principle of transparency.

The major milestones in the framework of the consultation process and development planning was the dispatch of the 1st Circular, the determination of ESPA instruments and qualification levels, the 2nd Circular, the submission of 34 detailed proposals by Ministries and Regions citing their primary development priorities, special thematic meetings with the Ministries, Regions and economic and social partners, the Regional Conventions on Development, the 3rd Circular specialising the principles governing the structure and content of the Operational Programmes, the specialised Technical Guideline outlining the structure, content and methodology for preparing the OP, the 4th Circular and the National Conventions on Development.

Throughout this period there was ongoing cooperation with stakeholders, in regard to the planning, as well as with bodies and partners, whose proposals were taken into consideration in the preparation of ESPA. Representatives of the Secretariats of the European Commission, with whom unofficial individual working meetings were also periodically organised, attended the majority of aforementioned activities, in the capacity of observer or spokesperson.

Last modification date: 07/12/2009