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 Information & Publicity 

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In order to serve “the right of citizens to know” about the management of resources of the Structural Funds, the European Commission, in agreement with the Member States, has laid down a number of obligations to ensure that the mechanisms for disbursing these funds are transparent and citizens know the objectives and results of the co-financed programmes.

As stipulated in Council Regulation (EC) No. 1083/2006 of 11 July 2006, the Member State and the Managing Authority for each Operational Programme are responsible for information and publicity of operations and co-financed programmes.

Providing information to citizens and potential beneficiaries is a very specialized task which must be carefully prepared and must be followed on through all the phases of the life of a programme using  structural funding.

For this reason the European Commission has requested the Member States to prepare and implement integrated communication plans, in accordance with the implementing Council Regulation (EC) No. 1828/2006 of 8 December 2006.

The primary objectives of publicity and information activities are:

  • To highlight the role of the Community to the general public and promote the added value of Community participation in co-financed programmes.
  • To ensure transparency in the access to structural funding, in the sense that the mechanisms for disbursing funds for operational programmes are transparent for the potential beneficiaries.


Last modification date: 07/12/2009