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 Regional Operational Programmes 

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For the implementation of the country’s development planning during programming period 2007-2013, Greece was divided into five regions, which correspond to five Regional Operational Programmes (ROP), as follows:
  • ROP Macedonia - Thrace
  • ROP  Western Greece – Peloponnese – Ionian islands
  • ROP Crete and Aegean islands
  • ROP Thessaly - Mainland Greece – Epirus
  • ROP Attica

ROP will contribute towards meeting the national strategic goals, in conjunction with the sectoral programmes, with an emphasis placed on the distinct characteristics and needs of each Region.

In any case, ROP for all the Regions will cover a common core of interventions, as follows:

  • social infrastructure;
  • health and social solidarity (infrastructure for hospitals and social welfare facilities, special units, healthcare and open-care centres, specialised equipment, measures for the promotion and protection of Public Health);
  • culture (reinforcing basic cultural infrastructure, safeguarding and enhancement of cultural heritage);
  • accessibility and environmental projects on a local scale;
  • sustainable urban development policies;
  • policies in support of mountainous, underdeveloped and island areas.

Last modification date: 15/04/2010