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 Southeast Europe Area Programme 

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The eligible regions for the programme constitutes of eight (8) State-members of the European Union (Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece), Moldavia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Albania, FYROM and Ukraine. The Programme was generated by the split of the programme CADSES into two different zones, north and south.

The Strategic Objective of the programme is defined as being the:  

  • Improvement of territorial, financial and social integration and contribution to cohesion, stability and competitiveness through the development of transnational corporate relations and common actions on strategy related issues for the region.

For the implementation of the Programme the following Priority Axes have been set:

  1. Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit: Development of technology and innovation networks, promotion of innovating entrepreneurship and upgrade the terms for the framing of innovation.
  2. Protection and improvement of the environment: Water management, prevention and flood management, prevention of environmental risks, natural resource management and promotion of energy performance.
  3. Accessibility improvement: Connection of local and regional bodies with the European networks including road, railway, internal and sea transfers. Natural infrastructure and access to information society are also included and the coordinated preparation for the development of accessibility networks is promoted as well as the support of multimedia solutions.
  4. Development of transnational collaborations for the regions of sustainable development: Covering the gaps between certain regions and cities in south-eastern Europe and “polycentric” development of the region.
  5. Technical assistance for the support of the application of the programme and increase of possibilities: Proper implementation of the programme and increase of the possibilities of the bodies and beneficiaries in the region of the programme.

The budget of the programme stands at 206.691.645 Euros.

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Last modification date: 23/03/2010