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The geographical region that the programme refers to, consists of the 27 state members of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, the Pre-Accession Assistance (ΙΡΑ) countries, as well as other countries.

The primary Strategic Objective of the programme is defined as shown below : 

  • Improvement of efficiency of urban development policies and enhancement of common perception of the integrated urban development.

Special Strategic Objectives are the following:

  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge between the bodies responsible for the deployment of urban policy and professionals in the field of sustainable urban development.
  • Ensuring wide propagation of experiences and correct practices that are gathered by the cities, and in particular the teachings from these works and policies,
  • Support of, the bodies competent for deploying policies, the professionals and administrative authorities of the operational programmes within the frame of the objective “Convergence” and “Competitiveness”

For the implementation of the Programme the following have been set as Priority Axes:

  1. Cities, considered as development and employment levers (approximately 44% of the total financing of ERDF):  Focuses on the promotion of entrepreneurship, the improvement of innovation as well as knowledge based economy, employment and human resources (employability, professional skills, access to work market, education and vocational systems, creation of work places especially for disadvantageous groups and regions).
  2. Attractive and cohesive cities (approximately 50% of the total ERDF financing): Focuses on the integrated development of disadvantageous regions as well as regions in risk of destitution, (such as abandoned industrial areas, city centres, disadvantageous areas in the region), on social integration, on environmental issues, on government and city planning.
  3. Technical contribution (6% of the total ERDF financing amount): Focuses on ensuring the effective and efficient management of the programme. 

The total budget for the programme stands at 68,890,739 Euros.The total eligible expense is 67,817,875 Euros which consists of 53,319,170 Euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), 5,173,880 Euros from the national contribution and 9,324,825.00 Euros from the local contribution. Apart from this, there is a non eligible budget that is represented by the contribution of Norway, corresponding to 350,000 Euros and the contribution of Switzerland corresponding to 230,000 Euros.

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Last modification date: 26/03/2010